Observer Vol. 25, No. 3 March 2012

Member Article

APS Award Address

Gary Latham says less isn’t more when it comes to motivation in the workplace. ... More>

Observer Article

The Price of Perfectionism

Gordon Flett says nitpicking and fussing over details can be costly. ... More>

Observer Article

Behavioral Science at the Speed of Light

An emerging field called optogenetics is providing researchers with an unprecedented opportunity to control brain cells with the push of a button. ... More>

Psych Today

B.F. Skinner: Scientist, Celebrity, Social Visionary

Psychological historian and Skinner scholar Alexandra Rutherford reflects on Skinner’s role as a scientist and philosopher. ... More>

Champions of Psychology

Champions of Psychological Science: David Funder

APS Fellow David Funder, a Distinguished Professor of Psychology at University of California at Riverside, sat down with the APSSC in this Champions of Psychological Science interview. ... More>