Observer Vol. 25, No. 1 January 2012

Psych Today

Love According to Harry Harlow

Deborah Blum recalls the provocative research and fiery personality of primate researcher Harry Harlow. ... More>

Observer Article

Training Grants Encourage Integration of Clinical Science and Practice

Clinical students often report that they thrive on their work as scientists and researchers, and they also report loving their clinical work — but sometimes they view these two aspects of their training as very separate enterprises. To help address this science-practice gap, the Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology (SSCP) awarded its first annual Clinical Scientist Training Initiative grants in 2011. ... More>

Observer Article

Despite Occasional Scandals, Science Can Police Itself

It is no surprise that the sordid case of the Dutch researcher Diederik Stapel grabbed headlines for a few days, but Alan Kraut says that science can withstand the scrutiny.... More>


Researchers Say Drugs Can Boost Cognition, But Only So Much

If more cognitive ability is better, then why haven’t humans evolved into super geniuses already?... More>


Anti-Prejudice Campaigns Do More Harm Than Good?


A study in an upcoming issue of Psychological Science demonstrated that some anti-prejudice campaigns are not only ineffective, they may actually encourage prejudice.... More>