Observer Vol. 24, No. 7 September 2011

In Appreciation: Hershel W. Leibowitz


APS Fellow and Charter Member Hershel W. Leibowitz died February 13, 2011 at the age of 85. He made significant contributions to the study of visual perception and pioneered the integration of basic and applied psychological research. The appreciation that follows reflects only in miniature the esteem with which he was held and the affection he enjoyed. ... More>

Cover Story

Identity Shift


US psychology departments are changing their names to reflect the field. The new labels spell out what psychological scientists actually do.... More>

Member Article

Rising Stars


In case there was any doubt, the future of psychological science is in good hands. In its continuing series, the Observer presents more Rising Stars, exemplars of today's young psychological scientists. Although they may not be advanced in years, they are already making great advancements in science.... More>

Observer Article

New APS Officers


APS welcomes our new officers for 2011–2012. Read more about Douglas L. Medin, Joseph E. Steinmetz, Lisa Feldman Barrett, Susan A. Gelman, and Gün R. Semin here.... More>

Presidential Column

Fields for Psychology


As it sits, our field appears to be way overinvested in lab studies and strikingly underinvested in field studies. Why would we not want to see a greater focus on field studies? ... More>