Observer Vol. 24, No. 1 2010

Presidential Column

What’s New at Perspectives

Bobbie Spellman

“I want Perspectives on Psychological Science to help change the way we communicate Psychology research,” I wrote when I agreed to be the Editor ofPerspectives. ... More>


Bartoshuk on ‘What Makes Food Good’

nobel thumb

The Nobel Conference is the first ongoing academic conference in the United States to have the official authorization from the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm, Sweden. Since 1965, the annual meetings, held at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota, have linked a general audience with the world’s foremost scholars and researchers in conversations centered on contemporary issues related to the natural and social sciences.... More>


Aha! The 23-Across Phenomenon

For decades now, I have spent a chunk of my Sunday mornings puzzling over The New York Times crossword.... More>

Member Article

Mortal Magnates

Blanaceman thumb

Kelly Shaver likes to play a game with his audience each time he gives a lecture.The Professor of Entrepreneurial Psychology at the College of Charleston, Shaver begins by placing a $100 bill on the table in front of him. The game has two stages, and in order to win, an individual has to complete both successfully.... More>