John A. Swets: A Signal Idea, a Singular Life

Our lives are full of yes-or-no questions: Will it storm today? Will the stock market rebound? Is this plane safe to fly? Is the witness lying? Do I have cancer? We are all diagnosticians in our own worlds, but such questions often lack tidy answers. The evidence is ambiguous and incomplete... More>


A Presidential Objective

"APS and I have grown up together,” says APS President Mahzarin Banaji, “I was a young assistant professor handing out APS buttons in 1988 because I knew something important was happening that would have influence on me and my science.” As APS continues into its third decade, Banaji’s instinct has been proven right.... More>

Observer Article

Medin Returns to APS Board as President-Elect

The APS Board of Directors is set for 2010-11. Douglas Medin joins the Board as President-Elect while Mahzarin Banaji takes the helm as President and Linda Bartoshuk transitions to Immediate Past President. Newly-elected Board Members Janet Polivy and Morris Moscovitch are beginning their three-year terms on the Board.... More>

Inside the Psychologist’s Studio

Whether in the field or the laboratory, the career of Janet Taylor Spence, the first elected President of APS, is characterized both by unparalleled empirical rigor and her innovative theoretical approach. Earlier this year, Spence sat down with friend and colleague Kay Deaux, a former APS president herself.... More>


Alan Kazdin: Reconsidering Clinical Psychology

Yale University psychologist Alan Kazdin began his James McKeen Cattell Fellow Award Address at the APS Annual Convention in a rather unusual manner. He declared that the kind of work he’s done in his career — work that not only advanced clinical interventions, but that merited the award for which he now spoke — has failed to solve the serious problem of mental illness in the United States.... More>