May/June 2010

Student Notebook

A Survival Guide for Your First Review Process

Once the initial excitement of being asked to revise and resubmit subsides, you are faced with the arduous task of responding to difficult and sometimes conflicting suggestions from the editor and reviewers. It’s actually very rare to get an acceptance with minor revisions, so be prepared to significantly revise your article. To avoid potential pitfalls...... More>


A Face Is More Than the Sum of Its Parts

You stop at a shop window and wonder why someone inside is blatantly staring at you — until you realize that person is you. Scenarios like this are impossible for […]... More>

Teaching Tips

Mentoring in Directed Independent Study

Professor Elizabeth Saigal provides tips for mentoring students through independent study. She provides suggestions for addressing poor performance, avoiding interpersonal problems between the mentor and the student, and for encouraging learning through long term goals.... More>


Cattell Sabbatical Awardees Announced

Douglas L. Medin and Alison Gopnik have been awarded this year’s James McKeen Cattell Fund Fellowships. These awards provide an extended sabbatical period that allows the recipient to pursue new research. They are available to North American university faculty members committed to the scientific study of human behavior and its applications for improving human welfare.... More>

Champions of Psychology

Champions of Psychology: Marsha Linehan

The APS Student Caucus interviews Marsha Lineman, a Professor of Psychology at the University of Washington. Lineman discussed how she began her career in psychology, her research interests, and shares advice for young professionals and graduate students who are contemplating a research career. ... More>