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Update on the Psychological Clinical Science Accreditation System

As many know, an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education on May 27, 2008 (Available here), marked the public unveiling of the development of a new accreditation system for […]... More>

A View From The Rising Academic’s Office

In the Homerian tale of Odysseus, during the hero’s return home he was forced to sail through a narrow channel, on either side of which lived a terrible monster. Sail […]... More>

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Nancy Cantor: A View From The Chancellor’s Office

As a distinguished social psychologist, Nancy Cantor is revered for her work on how we perceive our social environments, pursue goals, and adapt to changing and challenging social settings. She […]... More>

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A Rightful Place for Science. But Where Is It?

“We’ll restore science to its rightful place…” President Barack Obama, Inaugural Address. Where is that place? The President didn’t say, which is fair enough, given that inaugural addresses mainly consist […]... More>


Psi Chi’s Summer Research Grants

Partnering with APS, Psi Chi, the National Honors Society in Psychology, offers grants for undergraduate research conducted during the summer. Winning students receive a $3,500 stipend, and faculty sponsors receive […]... More>