Observer Article

Statistical Literacy: A Prerequisite for Evidence-Based Medicine

Currently in the United States, a prostate cancer drug is being touted in a novel way: The claimed primary benefit of the drug is not that it reduces the risk […]... More>

Observer Article

Behavioral Research and AARP

A few years ago, a watershed book, The Mature Mind by renowned health researcher Gene Cohen, challenged prevailing assumptions about mental aging. Grounded in the latest studies of the brain […]... More>

Presidential Column

Our Urban Legends: Journal Reviews

In my last column, I discussed urban legends about journal publishing, noting that these have subtle and not so subtle influences on how research is done and presented that can […]... More>


Kelso Named a Pierre de Fermat Laureate

APS Fellow Scott Kelso has been named a Pierre de Fermat Laureate, a prestigious French honor conferred by an international panel of scientists representing the Republic of France and the […]... More>


Magical Memory Tour

Earlier this year, the Observer (April 2008) highlighted a study being conducted by Catriona M. Morrison and APS Fellow Martin A. Conway at the University of Leeds that asked people […]... More>