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Stereoscopes: Straddling the Line Between Life and Lab

Stereoscope A stereoscope is a device used to simulate processes of binocular vision. There are two basic types of stereoscopes: reflecting stereoscopes, which use mirrors; and refracting stereoscopes, which use […]... More>

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The Role of Emotional Literacy in Public Health

Lisa Feldman Barrett (left) and John B. Jammott III (second from left) testify on research relating to health policy. APS Fellow Lisa Feldman Barrett recently testified on Capitol Hill about […]... More>

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Will That Be on the Test?

Toward the end of the 19th century, the German scientist Hermann Ebbinghaus concocted an experiment that countless children have unwittingly replicated ever since, over a morning bowl of Alpha-Bits. Ebbinghaus […]... More>

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The New SAT: A Work in Progress

It used to be that an acceptance letter from a good college was simply a pleasant prelude to the game of life. No more. In 21st century America, getting into […]... More>

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Beads of Memory

Born with an “academic silver spoon” in his mouth and an uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time, APS William James Fellow Award recipient Morris […]... More>