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Person x Situation x System Dynamics

To the Editor: A major task of psychological science is to explain behavioral variance, often by determining the extent to which observed behavior can be attributed to internal variables such […]... More>

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Fahrenheit 451: How Hot is Your Research?

To the Editor: In the April 2007 issue of the Observer, Zacks and Maley discuss some interesting citation statistics and alternatives to quantifying how hot research topics are in the […]... More>

Presidential Column

Psychology is a Hub Science

In an issue of the magazine Scientific American, the editors observed that “whenever we run articles on social topics, some readers protest that we should stick to ‘real’ science” (The […]... More>

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Subjects vs. Participants

To the Editor: Unlike Drs. Resnik and Bond (“Use of ‘Subjects’ Should Not be Subjective,” Observer, May 2007) I am not familiar with the regulations of NIEHS or NIH, but […]... More>

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Neglected Mirror-Like Behavior: Contagious Yawning and Laughing

To the Editor: The Observer (May 2007) article “Mirror Neurons” conveys appropriate enthusiasm about a neurological mechanism that may provide insights into a variety of cognitive and social processes, from […]... More>