Presidential Column

All Clones Are Not the Same

It has been weeks since President Bush’s State of the Union speech, and I have not heard any outcry over his policy statement on cloning: “Tonight I ask you to […]... More>

Letter/Observer Forum

Small Grants, Big Opportunities

I was very excited to see the type and scope of projects the new APS Teaching Fund is supporting in its first round of initiatives as described in the March […]... More>


Better Together

Many things are just better in pairs. Can you imagine Strunk without White? Baskin without Robbins? Liz Taylor without [insert favorite ex hubby here]? But new research shows that people […]... More>


Fellowship to Honor Thayer

The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) Foundation has announced an annual fellowship, which honors former long-time APS Treasurer Paul Thayer. Beginning in 2007, the Leslie W. Joyce and […]... More>


Students Benefit From Ethnic Diversity

Fifty-two years after the Supreme Court ruling on Brown v. Board of Education, psychological science measures just how far we’ve come. The decision that opened the door for classroom diversity […]... More>