Teaching Tips

Getting the Most Out of Your Student Ratings of Instruction

How do you react after reading your student ratings of instruction? How is it that professionals with advanced degrees who have taught for decades can be devastated or elated based […]... More>


Une petit yogurt, s’il vous plait

Americans typically eat yogurt out of 8-ounce containers. By contrast, the typical yogurt in a French market weighs just more than half that, about 125 grams. This seemingly pointless fact […]... More>

Observer Article

Happy in Spite of Ourselves

Fans of the long-running TV sitcom Seinfeld will remember the episode in which Jerry realizes he is “Even-Steven.” Everything in his universe balances out. He has an important work gig […]... More>

Cover Story

The Science Behind Secrets

In the latest season of The Sopranos, the character Vito Spatafore, a mob captain in Tony Soprano’s crew, takes a gun to a remote motel, giving the impression he might […]... More>

In Appreciation: Frank A. Logan (1924-2004)

Frank A. Logan, a World War II veteran and former chair of the psychology department at the University of New Mexico, died on November 18, 2004. In addition to being […]... More>