In Appreciation – Robert L. Solso (1933-2005)

Robert L. Solso, former chairman and 21-year faculty member of the University of Nevada Reno psychology department, died on January 16, 2005. He was a devoted teacher of both undergraduate […]... More>

Student Notebook

Take it Personally

Since my days of beginning graduate study, I have heard a wealth of advice regarding how to find the right mentor. What I haven’t heard is how to balance the […]... More>


NYT’s ‘Ideas’ Feature Psychology Research

What do sexy billboards, cynicism, eating your vegetables, and bad British teeth have in common? According to The New York Times, they’re the inspiration behind some of 2005’s best ideas. […]... More>

Observer Article

An Unhealthy Start in Life — What Matters Most?

The following editorial originally appeared in the journal Psychological Science in the Public Interest (Vol. 6, No. 3), in conjunction with the report ‘Neurotoxicants, Micronutrients, and Social Environments: Individual and […]... More>

Member Article

Canadian Cultures

It interests and confounds me that most people in the United States seem to know little, and few seem to care, about the history, characteristics, or complexity of Canada. Several […]... More>