Mischel Festschrift Inspirational scientist, prolific artist, skilled thumb wrestler, unskilled Citröen driver, demanding advisor, supportive friend. These are parts of the multi-faceted portrait of Walter Mischel provided by colleagues, friends, […]... More>

Observer Article

Common Ground Helps Reduce Stereotyping

In the wake of repeated bombings in the London subway system this summer by Muslim extremists, representatives from London’s large Muslim community repeatedly condemned the acts, declaring that the city’s […]... More>

Presidential Column

Worse than Creationism: Evolution, Neuroscience, and the Responsibility of Psychologists

Reality often clashes with common sense. Sometimes reality wins — most people believe that the world is not flat, although it certainly seems to be — and sometimes it does […]... More>

Teaching Tips

A Self-Correcting Approach to Multiple Choice Tests

When you were a student, did you have any of the following experiences? You dreaded taking multiple-choice tests. You thought of the right answer after you had handed in the […]... More>