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Randomly Confused I AM PUZZLED BY THE ARTICLE titled, “How Random Is That?” [September 2005 Observer]. The article appears to confuse (or at least not helpfully distinguish) random selection with […]... More>



Enough Is Enough It goes without saying, doesn’t it?: More is better — at least, when we’re talking money, ice cream, or the other good things in life. Actually, it’s […]... More>

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New SAT Is to Old SAT as…

Student study behavior, as recorded on a test preparation Web site, has changed with the introduction of the new SAT in March 2005. With the elimination of the popular analogy […]... More>

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Cattell Fund Extends Sabbatical, Research

James McKeen Cattell was already recognized as a founding father of psychological science when he and two former students launched the Psychological Corporation in 1921 to develop and publish psychological […]... More>

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Remember how, as a student listening to a lecture, your attention drifted between the words of the professor and sundry personal thoughts? A particular class might have been uneventful had […]... More>