Gazzaniga to Direct Science of Learning Center The National Science Foundation has awarded $21.8 million to Dartmouth College to establish the Center for Cognitive and Educational Neuroscience, or CCEN. APS […]... More>

Letter/Observer Forum

Textbook Case and Mentoring as Education, Not Training

The Academic Observer hit a nerve with his January column “Why Are Textbooks So Expensive?” Following are just some of the comments received. See his response to these letters here. […]... More>

Presidential Column

Collaborations: Elaborations and Celebrations

Befitting the season (February 14 approaches as I write this), this column is a Valentine to collaborations. I want to share some general thoughts about collaborations and to take this […]... More>

Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips from Experienced Teachers

Teachers wanting to take their game to a new level are hungry for what this Observer page offers: tips for effective teaching, tips for teaching that informs, stimulates, energizes, and […]... More>