Iowa Lab Vandalized On the weekend of November 13, 2004, vandals dumped chemicals, damaged computers, and freed research animals at the University of Iowa. Most of the damage took place […]... More>

Presidential Column

Staffing the 21st Century Psychology Department

Earlier this year our department had a day-long retreat to discuss, among other things, what it might look like if we recreated it from scratch. During a particularly scintillating discussion […]... More>

Observer Article

A Growing Crisis of Overfeeding

The opening to Kelly D. Brownell’s recently published essay “Overfeeding the Future.” In its peak year, the primary U.S. government nutrition education program (called 5 a Day) was given $3 […]... More>

Observer Article

New Year’s Irresolutions

“A lie, spoken to oneself, that goes in one year and out the other.” -Unknown Sadly, this statement rings true: Over half of us who start the year with good […]... More>

Cover Story

The Weight Is Over

America is tipping the scales, and psychologists disagree on whether the government or individuals should be responsible for a more balanced diet. But one thing’s for certain: There’s no time […]... More>