Academic Observer

Why Are Textbooks So Expensive?

Newsletters and other missives that I receive seem filled with stories about textbooks and textbook prices, with many wringing their hands over why textbooks are so expensive now relative to […]... More>

Champions of Psychology

Champions of Psychology: Robert Zajonc

In an ongoing series in which the APS Student Caucus talks with highly recognized professors, Robert Zajonc recently shared his advice for success and challenges facing graduate students. Zajonc is […]... More>

Member Article

A History of Eating: The Movement to Suppress Passive Eating and the Risks of Side-plate Food

JULY 15, 2010: With the conquest of the cigarette hazard well in hand in the late 1990s, the attention of American health reformers turned to the next treatable threat to […]... More>

Observer Article

Behavioral and Social Science Research at the National Institutes of Health

“NIH is the steward of medical and behavioral research for the Nation. Its mission is science in pursuit of fundamental knowledge about the nature and behavior of living systems and […]... More>


Where Art Meets Science

Xunesis, an interdisciplinary company of scientists, media, and performing artists, will premier the short film on human memory, “Retrieval,” along with a companion learning module, at the National Institute for […]... More>