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Don’t Throw in the Towel: Use Social Influence Research

Commercial decision-makers commonly base important program or policy choices on thinking grounded in the established theories and practices of a variety of business-related fields (e.g., economics, finance, distribution, accounting, supply […]... More>

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Mind Over Money

Emerging Discipline Looks at the Neurobiology of Economic Decision Making Having given themselves over to the messy emotional forces and stubborn cognitive tricks that complicate our efforts to be rational, […]... More>

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The Future Work Force

Some I/O psychologists measuring workforce trends fear a shortage of labor and talent; others see an increase in global job mobility. A “demographic time bomb” is ticking as baby boomer […]... More>

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A World of Difference

Once dominated by American standards, business schools around the globe are taking a more international approach to teaching. The idea of teaching business and awarding MBA degrees was born and […]... More>

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The Rich Science of Economic Choice

The science of economic choice seems to be at a critical juncture. It has long since shrugged off the confines of behaviorism, in favor of psychological realism. Now, studies are […]... More>