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Advanced Pace: As AP Psychology Gains Interest, It Gains Colleges’ Respect

The first Advanced Placement psychology examination was taken by approximately 4,200 high school students in 1992, and that number has since increased dramatically. More than 62,000 students took the test […]... More>

In Appreciation: Norman J. Slamecka (1928-2003)

Organized by Fergus Craik, John Furedy, Colin MacLeod, and Bennet Murdock, University of Toronto Norman J. Slamecka and his wife Jan were killed suddenly in a pedestrian accident in Lewes, […]... More>

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The Fall of Babble-on

Over the past few years, there has been an increasing call for “interdisciplinary,” “multidisciplinary,” and “transdisciplinary” research. While each term can be defined distinctly, all refer to the notion that […]... More>

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Annual Convention Previews

Two researchers preview their 2004 Annual Convention invited presentations. Amy T. Galloway The First Day of Class: Getting off to a Great Start By Amy T. Galloway During my first […]... More>

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Why Did You Study Psychology?

Why did psychology’s leading researchers take that first course? Was it the compelling advice of a master? Perhaps a sudden epiphany? There’s a story behind every good psychologist. A cross-section […]... More>