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Jamesland a Delightful Visit

A FEW YEARS AGO, my husband Richard L. Rapson, an American historian, and I were having breakfast with the great Henry James biographer, Leon Edel, and his younger brother, Abe, […]... More>

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Observer Forum: Befriending Taylor’s Research

SHELLEY TAYLOR’S FIGHT-OR-FLIGHT research [Observer, January 2004] was very insightful, and I can draw an analogy of her work with that of Carol Gilligan, in teasing apart the subtleties of […]... More>

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The Secret Vita

A flurry of correspondence came to me after my January 2004 presidential column, “Vita Voyeur.” It turns out that when I listed several types of vitae toward the end of […]... More>

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What Happened to Behaviorism

The year 2004 marks the centenary of B. F. Skinner’s birth. I doubt that most members of the American Psychological Society (and even a smaller proportion of all psychologists) will […]... More>

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Expressing Genetic Information

Last April, scientists announced the completion, with greater than 99.99 percent accuracy, of the Human Genome Project, the culmination of a publicly funded, 13-year international effort to sequence the three […]... More>