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Same Subject, Different Setting: Teaching Psychology from the Two-year Perspective

As a graduate student in social psychology at the University of Oklahoma, I was groomed to go out into the world and work at a college or university as a […]... More>

NSF Reflections

In 1999 I had the unique opportunity to serve as the director of the division of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences at the National Science Foundation. BCS is one of two […]... More>

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PROFILE: NSF Human and Social Dynamics Program

The National Science Foundation has launched an ambitious five-year priority area that will devote $24 million annually to exploring how humans and our institutions adapt to the constant fluctuation of […]... More>

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Informed Consent and Consent Forms for Research Participants

Informed consent is a communication process by which researchers reach agreement with people about whether they wish to participate in research. Confusing informed consent with a signed consent form may […]... More>

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APS Receives $1 Million Gift

Noted textbook author David Myers has pledged $1 million to the American Psychological Society to establish an endowed fund that aims “to enhance the teaching and public understanding of psychological […]... More>