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Remembering Meehl; ‘Overkill’ by IRBs

Remembering Meehl Tom Nelson Adrian College I was saddened to read about the death of Professor Paul Meehl [Observer, July 2003]. As an undergraduate at the University of Minnesota in […]... More>

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The Origin of One

It is an ability we take for granted every day. We see one apple, we think one apple. We see a dozen roses, we think 12 roses. We dream of […]... More>

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Preserving the Spirit and Respect of Academia Through Traditions

Through degree ceremonies, academics reach each other and the public. I was fortunate to receive an honorary doctorate of philosophy from the University of Helsinki, Finland along with 11 other […]... More>

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NINDS Researches Social Decision-Making

Imagine politicians using functional magnetic resonance imaging in focus groups to plot their campaigns and craft their messages. Or the marketers of everything from candy to Cadillacs using it to […]... More>

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Scientists in the Service

Psychological Science Onboard a Submarine By Jeff Dyche I didn’t join the Navy to become a psychologist. I don’t know anyone who has. Most people join the armed services to […]... More>