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Genes and Behavior Focus of King’s College Centre

The nature-nurture wars are over, and both sides won. A few minutes of conversation with Robert Plomin is enough to understand how pointless it is to engage in any further […]... More>

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NSF to Fund Centers on Science of Learning

Known as the science of learning, research into how people think, learn and remember draws from a variety of perspectives across psychology, including brain and behavior, cognition, learning, memory, perception, […]... More>

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Save the Hyphens

As an assistant professor, I profited over several years from a small annual conference at Nags Head NC, sponsored by Bibb Latané, at which we presented our research in T-shirts […]... More>

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4th SPSP Conference: ‘Comfortable Environment’ Open to All Practitioners

SPSP Conference Got Start at APS Convention The first free-standing Society for Personality and Social Psychology convention was in 1991 as an affiliate meeting held in conjunction with the American […]... More>


In Appreciation: Raymond A. Katzell

Industrial-organizational psychologist Raymond A. Katzell died February 5, 2003. Katzell was a strong influence in the area of motivation and job satisfaction. He received his PhD in psychology from New […]... More>