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A Case of Entitlement

During his conversation with Alan Kraut (APS Observer January 2002), Alan Leshner said, “When I came to the federal government, I always hesitated before I told my colleagues that I […]... More>

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Science Versus Pseudoscience: Educating the Public Via the Bookstore Project

Does the average citizen understand the difference between science and pseudoscience? A recent report on the state of public understanding in science conducted by the National Science Foundation1 suggests that […]... More>

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Gettysburg College

Department of Psychology Box 407, Gettysburg College Gettysburg, PA 17325-1486 (717) 337-6171; Gettysburg College was founded in 1832 by a man named Samuel Schmucker. Because he had the foresight […]... More>

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Federal Support for Psych Research Climbing, Multidisciplinary Trend Emerges

For psychologists at the nation’s colleges and universities, a steady increase in federal monies has produced valuable research and interesting trends. At the University of Wisconsin, Madison, the high level […]... More>

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A Closer Look at the Trend

Federal support for research and development activities at the nation’s colleges and universities continues to rise for psychology, according to data compiled by the National Science Foundation. Top 15 Total […]... More>