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A Challenge

Felix Kopstein encourages members to put the status of psychology as a science to an objective test. ... More>

Letter/Observer Forum

Convention Issue ‘concise guide’

Pamela J. Drake praises APS's Convention coverage. ... More>

Letter/Observer Forum

Re: ‘ABCs of IRBs’

John Mueller, John Furedy, and Clive Seligman weigh in on IRB trends. ... More>

Presidential Column

Reality Monitoring

What is "reality"? As part of normal comprehension, people construct a model of the situation, drawing on general world knowledge about objects in the environment, people's intentions and actions, etc. In doing so, they run the risk of importing new information. ... More>

Observer Article

Research Agency Budgets Off to a Good Start

Despite the much publicized partisan squabbling that is characterizing deliberations on some issues, both the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) are enjoying bipartisan support and are solidly out of the blocks in the race for funding increases. ... More>