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Thinking About Drinking: NIAAA Tackles Alcohol Abuse on Campus

“Come on, guys. Look at yourselves! All you do is study. I’m going to show you the true meaning of college: we’re gonna go out and party!” – Homer J. […]... More>

Presidential Column

Getting Ahead of the Curve: Anticipating Future Policy Needs in Today’s Research

The story to date. At unpredictable times, some current event, itself unpredictable, throws an issue onto the “national public agenda.” September 11th threw terrorism onto the national agenda, where it […]... More>

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A Haven for Primates in Panama: Animal Psychologist Rasmussen Rehabilitates Refugees

When APS Fellow Dennis Rasmussen first slipped into his high-topped rubber boots over 20 years ago to research Panamanian tamarins, the animal psychologist quickly became captivated by the study of […]... More>

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Dateline NBC Giving Away Psychology

A few years ago, when I was Director of Communications at APS, I was always struck by the motto featured at the bottom of every piece of APS stationary: “Advancing […]... More>

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Fashion vs. Passion: The Perils of Fad Hiring

Back in the 1950s, there was a time when every kid had a hoola hoop. If you didn’t, you were, well, nobody. A few years later, the fad was yo-yo’s. […]... More>