Psychology Is Central at National Institute on Aging

As the proportion of adults over 65 years old continues to grow, issues of aging have become increasingly important in the United States in such diverse areas as employment, health […]... More>


Paul Fraisse (1911-1996) Energetic International Psychologist

Paul Fraisse, a leader of French and international psychology, died in his sleep at his home near Paris on October 12, 1996; he was 85, having been born March 20, […]... More>

Teaching Tips

History Belongs in Every Course

“Those who know only their own generation remain children forever.” A version of this saying, attributed to Cicero more than two millennia ago, is prominently inscribed in stone on the […]... More>

Spotlight on Research: Children of Alcoholics Show Brain Deficits Identical to Fathers'

Henri Begleiter’s relentless search for the genetic and chemical roots of alcoholism has endured for almost 30 years, and there has been a great deal of progress made to this […]... More>

Damn the Political Dynamite, Full Speed Ahead on Bilingual Research

The National Research Council (NRC) has unveiled a new set of research priorities for educating children with limited English proficiency. A pre-publication copy of the NRC’s 484-page report was released […]... More>