Social Psychologist Charles Graham McClintock (1929-1996)

Charles Graham (Chuck) McClintock died on Wednesday, July 24, 1996, in his home in Iowa City, succumbing, finally, after a long, courageous struggle with cancer. Chuck began his work in […]... More>

Teaching Tips

Class Discussions: Promoting Participation and Preventing Problems

“I tried to have a discussion today, but hardly anybody said anything. You’d think a class of 95 students really would get into arguing about theory XYZ.” Sound familiar? It’s […]... More>

Minority Psychology Scholars Awarded Fellowships

WASHINGTON, DC, AUG. 20-0ne hundred outstanding minority scholars have been awarded fellowships in the 1996 Ford Foundation fellowship programs. and among them are several psychology scholars. The programs, which are […]... More>

Spotlight on Research: On the Neurobiological Basis of Affiliation

Two things caused a group of psychologists and neuro-scientists to come together recently at Georgetown University in Washington, DC: neurobiology and affiliation. Convened for a New York Academy of Sciences […]... More>

Scientific Integrity: We Have Met the Enemy and It Is Us

A sad chapter in scientific history closed recently when, after a l0-year investigative saga, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) exonerated a Tufts University biologist of scientific misconduct. The high […]... More>