Sex Differences in Brain and Behavior On the Interaction of Structure, Hormones, and Social Influences

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, FEBRUARY 10—By middle age, men are losing frontal lobe brain tissue almost three times as fast as women of the same age. Trying to compensate for the loss, […]... More>

Shut Down, Frozen Out

For the three weeks the federal government was shut down this December and January, the building housing the National Science Foundation (NSF) had little heat and light. “We did have […]... More>

Presidential Column

Behavioral Science is Key to NIDA Mission

In 1995, the NIDA-supported “Monitoring the Future” annual survey found that the use of cigarettes and most illicit drugs had increased significantly among 8th, 10th, and 12th-graders over the previous […]... More>

Who Are the Psychologists In the Academy of Sciences?

“It’s as close to the Nobel Prize as we’re ever likely to get. I walked on a cloud for three months, I was so astonished when I got elected to […]... More>

NIDA Takes on The 'Great Disconnect'

An enormous gap exists between the public’s perceptions of drug abuse and addiction and the scientific facts. Reversing this lack of public understanding has become a shared goal for an […]... More>