Think You Are Shy?

Although the Fourth of July was still a few days away, fireworks came early at this year’s annual meeting in the form of Bring-the-Family speaker Phil Zimbardo’s dynamic presentation. In […]... More>

Those Who Can, Teach

When Elliot Aronson was a student, he had a recurring nightmare in which, at the end of a semester, he realized he had registered for a course and forgot about […]... More>

Spotlight on Research: Is Racism on the Decline in America?

Has racism declined as much as surveys indicate? The research of John Dovidio and Samuel Gaertner, both APS Fellows, and their colleagues at Colgate University and the University of Delaware […]... More>

APS Hires First Deputy Exec Director

Christina Herlihy started her new job as Deputy Executive Director of APS just in time to be introduced to members attending the Society’s eighth annual convention. The Deputy Executive Director […]... More>

Presidential Column

Psychological Science at the Grass Roots

I was a graduate student in the psychology department at the University of Wisconsin in the 1950s. My first experiences with the larger field of psychology beyond my own graduate […]... More>