Frequently Asked Questions

What is APS’s mission?

APS seeks to promote, protect, and advance the interests of scientifically oriented psychology in research, application, teaching, and the improvement of human welfare.


When was APS founded?

APS was founded on August 12, 1988 by a group of scientifically oriented psychologists interested in advancing scientific psychology and its representation as a science at the national level.


How many members does APS have?

APS has over 33,000 members and includes the leading psychological scientists and academics, clinicians, researchers, teachers, and administrators.


What member category is right for me?

Member APS membership applicants must possess a doctoral degree in psychology (or related field) from an accredited institution or be able to show evidence of sustained contributions to scientific psychology.

Lifetime Member Applicants who qualify as Members may elect to pay a one-time dues fee for lifetime membership in APS.

Retired Members who are retired or over 65 may join/renew as Retired members.

Postdoc Members who have earned their PhD and are currently engaged in postdoctoral research are eligible for this reduced rate membership.

First-Year PhD This early-career discount is for members who are joining or renewing within one year of earning their PhD. This discount category may only be used for one membership year.

Member – Spouse Rate This membership option is open to those who would otherwise be enrolled as a Member, but have a spouse who is also a current dues-paying APS Member. To qualify for this discount, one’s spouse must be enrolled as either a Member or Retired (with journals only) member. Spouse Rate members do not receive print copies of APS journals, but do receive the Observer and have online access to APS journals.

Graduate Student Affiliate Applicant has received a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) and is (or expects to be) enrolled as a full-time student pursuing an advanced degree (Master’s or Doctorate) in psychology or any related field at an accredited degree-granting institution.

Undergraduate Student Affiliate To qualify, the applicant must be currently enrolled as a full-time student pursuing an Associate or Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in psychology or any related field at an accredited degree-granting institution. Candidates who join/renew upon completion of their Bachelor’s degree program must join as Graduate Student Affiliates.

How do I become a member?

Join APS


Where will the next APS Annual Conventions take place?

Convention Dates Location
28th Annual Convention May 26-29, 2016 Sheraton Grand Chicago (Chicago, IL, USA)
29th Annual Convention May 25-28, 2017 Sheraton Boston Hotel (Boston, MA, USA)
30th Annual Convention May 24-27, 2018 Hilton San Francisco Union Square (San Francisco, CA, USA)


Where have Annual Conventions taken place?

Convention Dates Location
27th Annual Convention May 21-24, 2015 New York, NY
26th Annual Convention May 22-25, 2014 San Francisco, CA
25th Annual Convention May 23-26, 2013 Washington, DC
24th Annual Convention May 24-27, 2012 Chicago, IL
23rd Annual Convention May 26-29, 2011 Washington, DC
22nd Annual Convention May 27-30, 2010 Boston, MA
21st Annual Convention May 22-25, 2009 San Francisco, CA
20th Annual Convention May 22-25, 2008 Chicago, IL
19th Annual Convention May 24-27, 2007 Washington, DC
18th Annual Convention May 25-28, 2006 New York, NY
17th Annual Convention May 26-29, 2005 Los Angeles, CA
16th Annual Convention May 27-30, 2004 Chicago, IL
15th Annual Convention May 29-June 1,
Atlanta, GA
14th Annual Convention June 6-9, 2002 New Orleans, LA
13th Annual Convention June 14-17, 2001 Toronto, ON
12th Annual Convention June 8-11, 2000 Miami Beach, FL
11th Annual Convention June 3-6, 1999 Denver, CO
10th Annual Convention May 21-24, 1998 Washington, DC
9th Annual
May 23-26, 1997 Washington, DC
8th Annual
June 29-July 2,
San Francisco, CA
7th Annual
June 29-July 2,
New York, NY
6th Annual
June 30-July 3,
Washington, DC
5th Annual
June 25-28, 1993 Chicago, IL
4th Annual
June 20-22, 1992 San Diego, CA
3rd Annual
June 13-16, 1991 Washington, DC
2nd Annual
June 10-12, 1990 Dallas, TX
1st Convention June 10-12, 1989 Alexandria, VA