Board of Directors

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Susan Goldin-Meadow President
Susan Goldin-Meadow
The University of Chicago
Research interests: Language development and creation, gesture’s role in communicating, thinking, and learning
Gallistel_Charles_board-page Immediate Past President
C. Randy Gallistel
Rutgers University
Research interests: Animal cognition, the nature of learning, the psychophysics of abstract quantities (space, time, number and probability), and the neurobiology of memory
Suparna Rajaram President-Elect
Suparna Rajaram
Stony Brook University, The State University of New York
Research interests: Memory, amnesia, cognitive neuroscience, recollective experience, memory in the social context.
Roberta Klatzky Treasurer
Roberta L. Klatzky
Carnegie Mellon University
Research interests: Human perception and cognition (haptic perception, spatial cognition)
Gün Semin Secretary
Gün R. Semin
ISPA – Instituto Universitário, Portugal and Utrecht University, The Netherlands
Research interests: Communication, social cognition, and language
Sarah Brook hart Executive Director
Sarah Brookhart
Association for Psychological Science
Deanna Barch Deanna Barch
Washington University in St. Louis
Research interests: cognition, emotion, behavior
Berntsen_Dorthe-photo-cred-Poul-Ib_Web Dorthe Berntsen
Aarhus University
Research interests: Psychology of Memory, autobiographical memory, life stories, cognition, psychology of crisis and trauma. 
Carr_Tom_board-page Thomas H. Carr
Michigan State University
Research interests: How basic cognitive processes are brought to bear on task performance and control, under varying degrees of motivation
Hebl_Mikki_board-page Michelle R. (Mikki) Hebl
Rice University
Research interests: Application of social psychological phenomena to industries and organizations
Simine Vazire Simine Vazire
University of California, Davis
Research interests: Social and personality psychology, self-knowledge, and research methods
Cindy M. Yee-Bradbury
University of California, Los Angeles
Research interests: Schizophrenia, particularly neurocognitive and emotional abnormalities; stress; attention; clinical and affective neuroscience