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Presidential Column

The Toothbrush Problem

In these columns, I have been discussing our “urban legends” — the often unspoken but widely shared understandings and misunderstandings about how to build a research-focused academic life in psychology. […]... More>

More Than Just Being a Sentimental Fool: The Psychology of Nostalgia

In the 17th and 18th centuries, nostalgia was viewed as a medical disease, complete with symptoms including weeping, irregular heartbeat and anorexia.  By the 20th century, nostalgia was regarded as […]... More>

When 2 + 2 = Major Anxiety: Math Performance in Stressful Situations

Imagine you are sitting in the back of a classroom, daydreaming about the weekend. Then, out of nowhere, the teacher calls upon you to come to the front the room […]... More>

Conscious vs. Unconscious Thought in Making Complicated Decisions

When faced with a difficult decision, we try to come up with the best choice by carefully considering all of the options, maybe even resorting to lists and lots of […]... More>

The Effect of Parental Education on the Heritability of Children’s Reading Disability

Parental education is a strong predictor of socioeconomic status and children’s educational environment. Nevertheless, some children continue to experience reading failure in spite of high parental education and support for […]... More>