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The Science of Sleep: Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia

As the popularity of pharmaceutical sleep aids increases, more insomniacs are turning to their doctors for prescriptions and quick-fix solutions. However, in a talk at the National Institutes of Health […]... More>


Lipsitt Honored in Athens and Kyoto

APS Fellow and former Board Member Lewis Lipsitt, Professor Emeritus at Brown University, received an honorary doctorate degree from the University of Athens, Greece, this November for his work in […]... More>

Presidential Column

Opting Out

APS President Morton Ann Gernsbacher, University of Wisconsin-Madison I have a 10-year-old son, who knows other 10-year-old kids, so over the years my family has bought its share of beef […]... More>

Cover Story

Toy Stories

Toys are the most frivolous things in the world and, in some ways, the most essential. No culture is entirely without toys; where mass-produced and mass-marketed toys are absent, children […]... More>

State of the Caucus

APS Student Caucus President In all aspects of life, it is important to look back at the past periodically in order to gain perspective on progress made and to develop […]... More>