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APS Student Caucus: Midterm Report

APSSC President At this year’s Fall Meeting of the APS Student Caucus Executive Board, I became even more aware than I already was of the incredibly dedicated and hard-working students […]... More>

Cover Story

After the Deluge

The water has been pumped out and the sludge and debris are being hauled away, yet mention of Hurricane Katrina still conjures gut-wrenching images of New Orleans under water: widespread […]... More>

Observer Article

Calculating Behavior

Luckily for science, as a child R. Duncan Luce had astigmatism and parents who didn’t think much of art as a career choice. Otherwise, he might have ended up a […]... More>


Just Published

The Cambridge Handbook of Visuospatial Thinking Priti Shah and Akira Miyake Cambridge University Press 2005 ISBN: 0521807107 454 pages Visuospatial thinking encompasses a wide range of thinking processes concerning space, […]... More>

Champions of Psychology

Champions of Psychology: Jeffrey Scott Mio

The Student Notebook welcomes Jeffrey Scott Mio as this months’ Champion of Psychology. Mio, California State Polytechnic University, specializes in three lines of research: metaphors, and their use in political […]... More>