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Observer Article

Lab Courses for Undergrads: Benefits Are Clear

Michael Toglia’s important invitation to comment on laboratory courses in the undergraduate psychology major (Toglia, 2002) arose from two questions. “First, is it important for psychology majors to engage in […]... More>

Letter/Observer Forum

IRBs Should Not Be ‘Research Design Police’

I am deeply concerned about the letters of Christine Hansen (“Limitations of IRB Expertise,” Observer, April 2002) and Harold Stanislaw (“IRBs Must Understand Psychological Science,” Observer, April 2002) to a […]... More>

Observer Article

Reading Other People’s Mail

Since 1975, I have made probably 15 trips to the Archives of the History of American Psychology, in Akron, Ohio. My first is the most memorable. In 1974 I was […]... More>

Cover Story

Basement of Dreams: Psychology’s History is Alive and Well in Akron

They come asking questions. They come searching for clues to a killer’s identity. They come seeking their lineage to hold a piece of the “true cross” to watch old movies […]... More>

Presidential Column

A Case for Lumping, Neatly

At this juncture in our field, constant centrifugal forces pressure us to fly apart at the seams, breaking psychology apart. The forces are visible everywhere in the challenges they present: […]... More>