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Zimbardo Tells All: How Psychologists Can Achieve World Domination

The above headline got your attention, right? It got my attention too when a Stanford graduate student offered a chance to hear Phil Zimbardo talk about “how psychologists can achieve […]... More>

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Behavioral Science Working Group Looks at IRB Regulations

Related Items Protection Money: Human Subjects Research Legislation October 2001Reviewing for Risk: What’s the Evidence That It Works? September 2001 Regulatory Changes Affecting IRBs and Researchers September 2001 Got the […]... More>

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Giving Science a Life Outside the Lab

Locantore Editor’s note: This report is part of a continuing series of updates from Locantore during her Media Fellowship at the Richmond (Virginia) Times-Dispatch. In some ways, newspaper writing is […]... More>

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University of Rochester

Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences The Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences was founded in 1996 to better allow undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, research associates, and faculty […]... More>

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Will Trauma Hit Home for the Holidays?

Remember Elvis Presley’s mournful musical prediction that he was in for a blue Christmas? The narrow cultural reference aside, are Americans heading into an especially blue holiday season?Consider this triple-whammy […]... More>